12 sides, 12 messages, tell your story.

The Marketing Cube’s infinite looping of pictures and text is truly mesmerising and serves as a unique business marketing tool.  Show clients your products and services as a 3D catalogue, a calendar or even an event invitation, you’ll find that your cubes will be sat on client’s desks 365 days a year!

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Reveal something extra special with the Diamond.

At first glance, the Diamond appears to be a regular cube, but open it up to reveal its spectacular true form. The diamond’s many sides allow abstract glimpses into your products and services, engaging the client and igniting the curiosity to learn more.

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SizeDia 65mm x Height 115mm


Accelerate the fun with a novelty Can.

If you want to add a little extra magic
to your cylindrical products then this is the cube for you. The Can adds a whole new dimension of fun and interactivity allowing clients to physically open up the products they know and love, whilst learning more about your brand at the same time!

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An in nite loop of possibility.

The Orbit is a great all-rounder for most advertising purposes. Whether it’s
a wheel, a roll of lm or a hockey puck, this promotional puzzle will keep you both entertained and educated for hours. The Orbits also work really well with circular logos for stunning brand exposure.

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SizeDia. 105 x 30 mm
SizeDia. 85 x 30 mm


A versatile milestone.

This Prism is extraordinarily versatile. Presenting a sophisticated and well engineered mechanism, this design cleverly folds into a column, followed by a rectangular block, then a cube and finally a calendar, bringing joy to every finger acrobat.

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What is the classic Marketing Cube best used for?

What better way to show off your brand than on a 12-sided interactive ‘viral’ messaging tool? People not only love to play with and marvel at the intriguing cube in motion, but they also love to talk about it. This means your brand messages and information can transcend to further audiences who’s curiosity will draw them towards your product. This multi-sensory experience helps to reinforce brand messages in prospective clients’ minds.

First impressions are everything and every business has something special to offer, but its often hard to find a way of conveying those unique qualities and differentiate yourself from the competition. By creating your own magic cube you are offering an unconventional introduction to your brand and stating a simple message. We are forward thinking, creative and we stand out from the crowd.

Your event has been a roaring success, but how can you sustain and inspire customer loyalty once the shows over? Let clients take away a piece of the magic by creating your own branded magic cube. The cube is a great desk toy that will be fiddled with in idle moments and serve as a reminder of the event, whilst keeping your brand at the forefront of people’s minds. Whats more, Psychological studies have confirmed that the cubes pattern of motion creates positive associations and imprints on the brain.

You’ve created an amazing new product and now all you need is a way to present it that’s as unique as your product. Showcase and unfold your product’s qualities and features in rich detail, stunning images or both – the choice is yours! The cubes ingenious folding and locking mechanism intrigues and delights all who come into contact with it, whilst its multi-sensory attributes reinforce a positive perception of your product.

Whether you’re presenting an overview of all your products and services or zooming in on one particular aspect in immense detail, each twist and turn will reveal something new and exciting. Magic cubes can offer a tangible simplicity to abstract or complex ideas and help clients get to grips with information in a playful way.

Want to advertise your brand around the clock, 365 days of the year? The solution? A calendar cube. With one panel for each month of the year, each twist and turn reveals a new season, a new image and a new month. By choosing to design a calendar cube you make your product indispensable and it will be sitting on your clients’ desks year round.

Don’t send out the wrong message with cheap mass produced advertising that will go straight in the bin. Speak to your customers directly with the gift of a magic cube. Cognitive brain research has found that people perceive gifts as tokens of appreciation and esteem that enrich their lives. Deeply rooted in the human psyche, the principle of reciprocity fosters an inclination to give something in return.

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